UK Response

After Brexit, it is possible the Government will bring in its own rights and protections for gig workers.

BUT it has been reported that ministers have said the proposed new EU rules and protections are an unreasonable and ill-considered restriction on employers’ flexibility[1].

Either way, the Government plans to remove the legal standing of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – meaning people will be unable to go to the ECJ to enforce their rights.

And without the underpinning of EU law, there would be nothing to stop successive Governments removing or diluting any future rights for gig workers, if they decide they are too costly or otherwise undesirable.

In addition:

  • large numbers of gig workers are from the EU – therefore restricting freedom of movement would have a disproportionate impact, especially if they wish to bring family members to the UK
  • many gig workers are low paid – meaning they would likely be hardest hit if the economy suffers after Brexit as predicted

[1] Matthew Holehouse and Lewis Crofts, ‘Gig-economy rules are new Brexit flashpoint’ MLex Market Insight 8 February 2018